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Boat painting

Treatment All marina

Painting services to renovate, protect and improve boats performance.

Marine paints, antifouling, or silicone prescription and application.

Boat appearance defects correction.

Ship element restoration and preservation : hulls, tanks, hulls, propellers, decks, fittings, parts, etc.

Protection against corrosion by ACQPA Level 1 and 2 certified painters.

Metal painting work validated by a FROSIO-certified firm.

Boat painting

Naval vessels protection : improved longevity

Painting a ship forms a protective layer on the treated surfaces. This protective layer shields the boat’s structures from external elements:

  • salt water
  • UV rays
  • marine organisms

This protective film prevents osmosis and corrosion, extending the durability of boat components:

  • gray / fresh / black water tanks
  • hulls
  • boat propellers
Painter in painting booth


Antifouling treatment application maintains hull efficiency and longevity. This preventive treatment combats the marine organisms accumulation: algae, barnacles and other biofouling forms that adhere to a boat hull. By preventing this accumulation, the antifouling coating also protects against osmosis, which damages structures in the long term.

A good antifouling coating also improves a boat hydrodynamic performance. In fact, keeping the hull smooth and biological free growth reduces its water resistance. Navigation is therefore faster and more fuel efficient.

The antifouling type is recommended depending on the boat type, the hull materials, as well as the navigation conditions and the waters frequented.

Boat antifouling

Pre-treatment preparations: a complete painting system

After coating selection, pre-treatment preparations contribute to the final treatment quality.

Preparatory treatments

Our comprehensive painting system ensures compliance with recommended paint supplier standards. Surface preparation steps include:

  • Measuring porosity, humidity levels, and support condition
  • Calculating paint coats and drying times
Sandblasting before painting

Certified treatments

Certif. ACQPA

ACQPA Level 1 and 2 certifications attest to expertise in anti-corrosion treatments. They certify compliance with the highest work quality standards in the metal painting industry.

Quality control by a FROSIO-certified firm validates each metal paint. It includes the evaluation of the degree of roughness and resistance to salinity.

Boat Painting: A Tailored Approach to Ship Renovation and Protection

A tailor-made painting program is provided for each project: two-component boat paint, fiberglass hull, or other.

Painted yacht on shipyard

Estimate the painting of a ship

Our support extends from pre-treatment preparation to confinement and scaffolding installations.

Personalized support is provided throughout the intervention with a single dedicated contact.