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Boat high pressure water cleaning

Full cleaning All marina

BLASTAIR cleans, prepares and strips boats’ surfaces using water jetting thanks to advanced technologies specialised in yacht services.

Waterjet technology for Yachting

All our water jetting machines and equipments operate according to an adjustable control systems. Indeed the power varies from 300 to 3000 bar, along with the water temperature from cold water to hot water. BLASTAIR pressure pumps thus modulate the pickling level according to the type of material to be treated.

The flexibility of the this water blasting method intensity allows total adaptation to yachting imperatives.

In fact, our experts program a more or less strong pressure water blasting according to the expected result. This process guarantees yacht, super yacht or boat optimal cleaning result.

Nettoyeur haute pression coque bateau

Efficient boat maintenance

Vessels deserve the utmost attention and the most efficient preparation solution. Water jetting technology for boat cleaning is the guarantee of precise result that does not alter the hull or any ship element, even soft materials.

Antifouling preparation, Restoration, Finishing & refinishing, BLASTAIR abrasive waterjets adapts to all “refit & repair” steps whatever the vessel size, hull material and coating.

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