Dry ice blasting

For boat, sailboat or yacht electrical parts and engine maintenance, BLASTAIR has developed an innovative cleaning method : dry ice blasting.

A revolutionary method for delicate nautical coatings

Dry ice blasting is an innovative, ecological and efficient cleaning system which consists in projecting dry ice on a polluted surface.

Due to its precision and high efficiency level, this dry, solvent-free and residue-free method is perfectly suited for yachting refit and repair works.

Indeed, without water or cleaning detergent, dry ice blasting allows ultra-sensitive areas cleaning, including installations under tension (engines and electrical parts).

This technology is also widely appreciated in the nautical sector and yachting because it allows a rapid intervention giving off a high productivity.

Nettoyage cryo yachting

Accelerate your boat maintenance

Up to 4 times faster than traditional cleaning methods, dry ice blasting has established itself as the yachting industry most competitive process.

Whatever the vessel size and material, dry ice blasting cleans yacht interior and electrical equipment in record time.

Dry ice blasting is also effective on delicate areas. Thanks to this technique, BLASTAIR can carry out boats’s engine cleaning and reconditioning along with technical parts maintenance requests: electrical installations and parts, tanks, electronic boards, etc.

Cryogénie moteur bateau

An innovative solution for naval restoration

For yacht, sailboat or boat refit and repair, dry ice blasting intervention is the optimal solution.

Dry, fast and residue-free, dry ice blasting offers numerous advantages to the yachting industry while respecting its requirements.

Its great degreasing power makes it effective for the cleaning of machines (electrical parts, engines ..) but also for internal technical parts. Dry ice blasting has become a reference in naval restoration’s solutions.

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