Water jetting

BLASTAIR masters advanced yachting specialized technology : water jetting surface preparation techniques (cleaning and stripping).

Water jetting for Yachting

All our water jetting machines and equipments operate according to an adjustable power varying from 300 to 3000 bars. BLASTAIR can thus modulate the pickling level according to the type of material to be treated.

This water blasting method intensity flexibility allows total adaptation to yachting imperatives.

Indeed, according to the expected result, our experts program a more or less strong pressure guaranteeing an optimal result for your yacht and super yacht or boat.

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Efficient boat maintenance

Your vessel deserves the utmost attention and the most efficient preparation solution. Water jetting cleaning is the guarantee of precise result that does not alter the hull or any ship element.
Antifouling preparation, Restoration, Finishing & refinishing, water jetting adapts to all “refit & repair” steps whatever the vessel size, hull material and coating.

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Advanced yacht blasting technology

Initially, water jetting technology was developed and used in industrial cleaning. It is used in very specific fields requiring operations’ high accuracy and safety : food, nuclear, chemistry…

It is these requirements that allowed water jetting technologies to adapt to yachting’s very specific rules and standards.
Water jetting is also applied and specialized in fuel & tank cleaning.
Thanks to its experience, BLASTAIR has a complete knowledge of water jetting. A know-how that we make available to our yachting customers.

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