Sand blasting / Aero blasting / Hydro blasting

For boats, yachts and super-yachts hulls preparation, BLASTAIR provide a range of blasting technologies :

  • Sandblasting: High-speed sand blasting on a surface to be stripped.
  • Aero blasting: Derived from sandblasting. Low pressure projection of an abrasive.
  • Hydro Blasting : Derived from sandblasting. Low pressure projection of an abrasive with simultaneous misting of water.

Techniques adapted to boat operations

Rapid, ecological, precise and with high efficiency, these techniques perfectly meet nautical constraints.

Depending on the treated surface and the type of stripping to be carried out, BLASTAIR offers the most effective abrasive means for your yacht or superyacht.

Sandblasting, aeroblasting and hydroblasting respect the specific materials used in the boating industry, while allowing efficient stripping and deoxidation as part of a “refit & repair” program for your vessel’s hull.

Sablage coque antifouling

The ideal solution before an epoxy paint or anti-corrosion treatment

In yachting and shipyards, sandblasting is widely used to remove an antiquated antifouling and prepare the hull for a new treatment and a new epoxy paint.

Indeed, the sandblasting method allows a surface layer pickling while preventing damage to the underneath surface. It also eases the new paint attachment by leaving the hull slightly porous.

After a sandblasting operation, the treated surface is ready for a new antifouling, paint or varnish application.

An equally effective solution to combat plastic hulls’ osmosis.

Sablage yacht confiné

Blasting methods with variable particle size

BLASTAIR is the promise of a complete tailored service. Therefore, in order to optimize your ship rehabilitation – according to industry standards – our sandblasting operations are carried out according to a variable granulometry. This perfect adaptability provides total control of the pickling force depending on the areas to be abraded.

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Sablage avant peinture bateau