Specific, high-performance services, adapted to yachting, to speed up ship maintenance :

Innovative methods for shipyard time saving by simultaneously offering execution’s speed and precision. Whatever your yacht, sailboat or boat size or construction material(s), BLASTAIR responds to requests as fast as possible.

The promise of an efficient surface preparation service.

BLASTAIR offers the best surface preparation services. Maintenance, preparation and treatment: we accompany our clients throughout work duration by combining know-how and services individualization.

BLASTAIR takes care of all the works needed to maintain your yacht or superyacht. Our certified services are carried out on the shipyards by a cleaning experts’ team.

We provide customers a wide range of marine’s surfaces preparation services (hulls, keels, decks, rails, engines of any type of craft) before the application of special coatings.

BLASTAIR also provides a “cleaning services” for the maintenance and / or brushing of your deck, keel etc. A carpet and upholstery cleaning service is also at disposal.

Whatever the vessel size and coating, we do have the optimal solution : a high-end surface preparation service that fulfill the yachting industry’s requirements.

Thanks to cutting edge technologies, our “Fuel and tank cleaning” and “engine repairs and reconditioning” services also maintain electrical parts and engines.

Sailboat deck cleaning

Prepare surfaces for treatment.

At the heart of our know-how, projection cleaning : techniques that allow the stripping of hulls, keels, decks, rails etc.

We prepare all boat surfaces’ treatment by adapting the abrasion level according to the objective to be reached and the material to be treated.

Anti-osmosis treatment, antifouling, consultation before paint or varnish application : we have the experience and the know-how on all boat refit and repair stages.

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Yachts dry ice blasting